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Jan 15, 2008 at 04:54 PM

Federated Content, RRL, Detailed Navigation Corruption


I've created a FPN with two portals. On the producer portal, I've created two iViews, both KM iVIews (one navigation iView, one document iView). A role was created that contains these two iViews.

On the consumer, I've assigned the producer role to a single user - the navigation nodes are now visible, and are integrated correctly into the navigational structure of the producer. However, I get some strange behaviour on how the navigation links behave.

Again, on the consumer, clicking the link for the KM Navigation iView on the producer works. However, clicking on the KM document iView doesn't display anything (the iView works on the producer). Also, clicking on either of these 'remote' links corrupts the detailed navigation such that the detailed navigation panel shows the navigational structure for the second level navigation under which these two 'remote' links exists regardless of what top level or second level navigation node you select henceforth. If you refresh the entire portal back to the root (/irj), the navigation works again, until we select one of the two remote links.

We do have a custom top level / second level navigation object, but it's very simple and was created using the navigation tag lib. I've just tested the navigation with the default framework page and branding, and the navigation behaves better (no corruption of the detailed navigation pane), but the link to the KM document iView still doesn't work.

I therefore have a couple of questions:

1. Are there any limitations with using the custom navigation tag lib in a FPN scenario?

2. Any ideas why the KM document iView doesn't show up?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Before you ask, logs are a bit of an issue right now - I'm hoping to get another issue addressed so I can dig into the logs to see if there are any other issues outstanding. Until them, I'm running a bit blind.

Consumer portal: 7.0 SP13, Producer is at SP12.