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Jan 15, 2008 at 04:29 PM

Will Delta work in this scenario


Hi All,

I had a scenario which I could explain you more clearly step by step.

1. We are refreshing data into Infocube A (for specific Document types) on daily basis from a DSO (Delta update).

2. Then on frequent basis such as once in a month, we are loading contents of Infocube A into Infocube B (Delta update). After that we are dropping the entire content of Infocube A. Then reloading the data again from Infocube B to A (Delta update) where some update routines are used in the transformations.

3. The next day as usual, daily delta refresh happens from DSO to Infocube A which was explained in step 1.


1. All the data loads to Infocube A are executed using DTPs (Delta updates from all sources like DSO and Infocube B).

2. Different souces and different DTPs are used to load data in Infocube A. Here, sources:- DSO and Infocube B.

*Question:* Will the delta mechanism efficiently work when we perform the daily delta refresh from DSO to Infocube A even after the step 2 is performed ?

Please clear my doubt. Also let me know if i could provide you any further information.