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Jan 15, 2008 at 04:31 PM

SOAP Sender Adapter remains inactive


I have a Service BS_IMIWH_DEV and an interface DeliveryReceipt_OB, and it is running on our fatfreddy system; the J2EE engine port is 50000.

I have used the Web Service wizard to generate a WSDL file. I used the following target url:


When I paste this address into the web browser, it asks for user id and password (I use PIAPPLUSER which seems to work), then I get the following message:

Message Servlet is in Status OK

Status information:

Servlet (Version $Id: //tc/xi/645_VAL_REL/src/_adapters/_soap/java/com/sap/aii/af/mp/soap/web/ $) bound to /MessageServlet

Classname ModuleProcessor: null

Lookupname for localModuleProcessorLookupName: localejbs/ModuleProcessorBean

Lookupname for remoteModuleProcessorLookupName: null

ModuleProcessorClass not instantiated

ModuleProcessorLocal is Instance of

ModuleProcessorRemote not instantiated

Not knowing that much, I assume this is an OK response.

I use Stylus Studio to try to post a web service call using the WSDL I created. When I submit it, and look at the communication channel monitoring for this channel, it sits there with a yellow triangle in the status, and 'Channel started but Inactive' in the short log column. So to me it looks like the SOAP adapter never received the call.

I checked in Stylus Studio to provide the PIAPPLUSER user ID and password to call the web service, but nothing seems to be happening.

Can anybody suggest what to try now?

Kind Regards,