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Can someone give me the sample code for using the BAPI BAPI_HU_CREATE.

What I need to do is that ,I need to create the handling unit and pack it?

Please help.Its urgent.

Marks assured.


Sirisha Matta.

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3 Answers

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    Jan 16, 2008 at 08:01 AM

    LOOP AT gt_final1 INTO gs_final1.

    • item proposal

    gs_itemsproposal-hu_item_type = c_1. " material item

    gs_itemsproposal-pack_qty = gs_final1-erfmg. " quantity

    gs_itemsproposal-base_unit_qty = 'EA'. " unit of measure

    IF NOT gs_final1-matnr IS INITIAL.

    gs_itemsproposal-material = gs_final1-matnr. " zlpm material


    gs_itemsproposal-material = gs_final1-matnr1. " material(component)


    gs_itemsproposal-plant = gs_final1-werks. " plant

    gs_itemsproposal-stge_loc = gs_final1-lgort. " storage location

    gs_itemsproposal-batch = gs_final1-charg. " batch

    • passing values into variables before AT NEW

    gv_matnr = gs_final1-matnr.

    AT NEW sernr.

    • populate no of sernr

    gs_itemsproposal-no_of_serial_numbers = c_1.

    • read table to check if the 1st matnr of new

    • sernr is of type ZLPM or not

    • also populate pack_mat and pack inst

    READ TABLE gt_mara INTO gs_mara WITH KEY matnr = gv_matnr

    mtart = c_zlpm BINARY SEARCH.

    IF sy-subrc = c_0.

    • populate pack_mat

    IF gs_mara-magrv+0(2) = c_im.

    gv_pack_mat = text-032. " IMPLANT_SET

    ELSEIF gs_mara-magrv+0(2) = c_in.

    gv_pack_mat = text-035. " INSTRUMENT_KIT


    • pack inst

    lv_pobjid = gv_matnr.



    pobjid_imp = lv_pobjid

    packtyp_imp = c_p


    packnr_exp = gv_packg_instruct


    prog_error = 1

    pobjid_not_found = 2

    OTHERS = 3.

    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno

    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.



    • populate msg if 1st material of new sernr is

    • not of type ZLPM

    gv_tabix = gv_tabix + c_1.

    gs_error1-sno = gv_tabix.

    gs_error1-matnr = gv_matnr.

    gs_error1-sernr = gs_final1-sernr.

    gs_error1-msg = text-037. " First material of this serial number is not of type ZLPM

    APPEND gs_error1 TO gt_error1.

    DELETE gt_final1 WHERE sernr = gs_final1-sernr.




    APPEND gs_itemsproposal TO gt_itemsproposal.

    CLEAR gs_itemsproposal.

    gv_werks = gs_final1-werks.

    gv_lgort = gs_final1-lgort.

    • bapi will be called only on the change of sernr

    AT END OF sernr.

    • used for setting the local pack status

    • calculate no of items in itemsproposal table

    DESCRIBE TABLE gt_itemsproposal LINES lv_no_lines.

    • read total materials available in this pack inst

    • here lv_pobjid contains the name of ZLPM material

    READ TABLE gt_packkp INTO gs_packkp WITH KEY matnr = lv_pobjid.

    IF sy-subrc = c_0.

    • if all material in pack inst are included in HU

    IF gs_packkp-number = lv_no_lines.

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-l_packg_status_hu = c_3. " Local packing status of HU

    • if all material in pack inst are not included in HU

    ELSEIF gs_packkp-number <> lv_no_lines.

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-l_packg_status_hu = c_2. " Local packing status of HU



    • header proposal

    gv_sernr = gs_final1-sernr.

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-pack_mat = gv_pack_mat. " packaging material

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-plant = gv_werks. " plant

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-stge_loc = gv_lgort. " storage location

    gs_bapihuhdrproposal-packg_instruct = gv_packg_instruct. " packaging instruction

    • serial number

    gs_itemsserialno-row_index = c_1. " row index

    gs_itemsserialno-serialno = gs_final1-sernr. " serial number

    APPEND gs_itemsserialno TO gt_itemsserialno.

    CLEAR gs_itemsserialno.

    • bapi for hu creation




    headerproposal = gs_bapihuhdrproposal


    huheader = gs_huheader

    hukey = gv_hukey


    itemsproposal = gt_itemsproposal

    itemsserialno = gt_itemsserialno

    return = gt_return

    huitem = gt_huitem.


    gv_tabix = gv_tabix + c_1.

    gs_summary1-sno = gv_tabix.

    • here lv_pobjid contains the name of ZLPM material

    gs_summary1-matnr = lv_pobjid.

    gs_summary1-sernr = gs_final1-sernr.

    SHIFT gs_summary1-sno LEFT DELETING LEADING space.

    IF gt_return IS INITIAL. " HU created successfully

    • transaction commit



    wait = c_x.

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    Former Member
    Jan 15, 2008 at 02:02 PM


    You have to declare a work area of type BAPIHUHDRPROPOSAL. This structur contains the values for the handling unit. You can see those by taking the structure in transaction SE11.

    Then call the bapi BAPI_HU_CREATE passing the work area as input.

    Then call the bapi BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT

    Hope this helps. Pls reward points if useful.


    Renjith Michael.

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    Former Member
    Mar 25, 2008 at 08:23 AM

    Hi ..........

    Are you still facing problem with this issue?

    If yes then let me know, i can explain you the details..

    If my previous message was of any help then please award points for the same.


    Edited by: Sharad Dubey on Mar 25, 2008 1:53 PM

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