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Product Costing Itemization and Cost Component

Nov 06, 2017 at 09:46 AM


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Dear Experts,

Cost Component is used to bifurcate cost in multiple component like raw material, packing material etc and the same are assigned some range of cost element. I have two questions;

1. Post cost estimate when i look in to material costing, i found cost component wise costing is coming. However don't know From where these values are coming. As it comes in total.

2. When i run CK13 to view material price component wise as well as itemization wise, i found total value is matching however component wise it is not matching.

Please suggest if i am missing any point.



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2 Answers

Fatih Osman Kilic May 21 at 02:26 PM

Dear Sushil Gupta,

For your first question, system calculates the costing data according to your costing variant in OKKN. In costing variant you're determining how the system calculates the cost.In CK13N Quantity Structure sheet system shows you how it calculates the price. You can check it for price calculation.

In cost component, you assign each related account to a cost component. In line item detail of CK13N you can check the related account and calculate the exact value of cost component detail.

For you second question, maybe you're missing activities on left side. You need to open activites şn CK13N by pressing Material Only / All Items Button

If your problem not solved with this answer can you send a screenshot?


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Sumti Bhadani May 21 at 02:59 PM

Dear Sushil,

Regarding your first question, Cost component wise cost is coming because of the setting of your costing variant. In OKKN, tab assignment Cost component structure is updated and the same is used during the cost estimate in CK11N. You can see which cost component is assigned and view the setting of the cost component structure in OKTZ (like, assignment of Cost element to which cost component structure or which component is part of Cost of goods sold etc), This will help to understand how system identifies cost component. Further, in CK13N you can check quantity structure tab to get the details of BOM/routing data and valuation tab to get the data for costing sheet and overhead keys.

Regarding second question, can you share the screenshot showing where the data is not matching?


Sumti Bhadani

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