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Nov 03, 2017 at 06:45 PM

Petition to replace answers/comments with "reply" (or similar)

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For over a year we tried to use comments and answers as part of Q&A platform on SCN.

The specific issues Community is still facing:

  • Comments and answers cannot be sorted together chronologically. This (a) makes it difficult to understand how the solution/answers evolved (additional information could be posted by OP anywhere); (b) can make the answers look odd/incorrect because it’s impossible to see in what context they were posted.
  • Answers are used to reply to another answer, in which case the person replied to does not get notified.
  • A comment could end up being an actual answer.
  • Any advantages comment/answer structure presents seem to be of no value to the SCN members.

I feel we have spent sufficient time and effort expecting the community members to adjust and adopt this feature. It is clearly not happening and mis-use is still very prevalent.

With this in mind, I motion to replace answers/comment with a singular “reply”. This will simplify UI and notification process, in my opinion.

Thank you!