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WebIDE Service URL in Data connection

Hello everyone,

I created an SAP Fiori application from the templates available in WebIDE. I am getting an error '404 not found' in WebIDE while making a data connection using Service URL. I have created a oData service for SAP HANA data and want to display that data in Fiori app. My internal host status in cloud connector is 'reachable'. Destination connection in SAP cloud platform is successful and the resource is accessible.

Please help me with the solution. Thank you




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4 Answers

  • Nov 05, 2017 at 11:33 AM


    If you might access the oData service in the browser, then this is the "correct path":


    You have configured it correctly - the SAP Gateway service URL, is without host information.

    (btw, in one of the attached screenshots the host name is still visible. may be you might change or delete this screenshot)


    What left to confirm, from configuration point of view, is whether the destination on the SAP CP is connecting to the back-end as well.

    Please refer to this blog:

    An insight into Destinations for Northwind / ES4 services for use with SAP HCP / Web IDE

    The important, in the SAP CP destination, is not only the URL, user credentials and the authentication, but as well the WebIDEUsage.

    Please refer to this SAP KBA about the value of the WebIDEUsage setting:

    2453077 - Backend does not appear when importing application from SAPUI5 ABAP Repository in SAP Web IDE

    Resolution - point 4:


    In case the configuration settings of both of the SAP CP and SAP CC destinations are correct and the backend is accessible from SAP CP cockpit, then most probably there is indeed a problem with this "SAP Fiori Master-Detail Application" template on the SAP Web IDE. I hope the developers will have a look on this thread and will reply accordingly.

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  • Nov 04, 2017 at 03:12 PM

    Are you certain the setting of the OData Service, the value you do insert in the dialog box, is correct?

    Are you able to access it from the browser:


    (is it possible something is missing in the name of the package or in the path to the package)

    Have you looked at the example in this blog:

    An insight into SAP Fiori Master-Detail Application (Template in SAP Web IDE) step by step

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    • Hi Milen,

      Thanks for responding. I can access my OData service on the web browser. I attached the image for the OData service link in the web browser. Can you please tell me where can I check the path to the package?




      json-new.png (6.0 kB)
  • Nov 07, 2017 at 09:57 PM

    Hi Milen,

    Good News. I tried to update SAP Cloud connector but the existing one is the latest SAP CC Version. But I updated my server OS which is Suse Linux and after the OS update, I am able to create an SAP Fiori application from WebIDE. But when I am trying to run it is giving me a 'Technical Error'. I got the error as following

    	"message": "HTTP request failed",
    	"headers": [],
    	"statusCode": 403,
    	"statusText": "Forbidden",
    	"responseText": "\n    \n    \n    \n    \n    \n    \n        \nThe server refused to fulfill the request.\n\n                \n            \n            More information about why the request was refused may be found in the server logs.\n\n        \n        <br>Log Out\n        \n        \n       \n    \n"
    I also attached the screen shot for the following error. Can you explain me about this error and how to solve it.
    Thank you.
    <a href="/storage/attachments/82561-error-run.png">error-run.png</a>


    I attached the screenshot of the following error. Please help me to resolve this issue.

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  • Nov 07, 2017 at 10:51 PM

    The "403 Forbidden" message is almost always connected with authorization matters.

    Would you please grant full administration rights to the user with whom you do establish the connection from the SAP CC to the backend system. (For example on AS ABAP, SAP_ALL is such authorization)

    I'm curious to have a look on this log, the error message is talking about.

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    • Hi Satya,

      I have tried creating Fiori app in IE but facing the same issue. (error: 403 Forbidden ) while entering my Odata url.

      Cloud connector status is reachable.

      Could you please tell me how you resolved this issue?