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Trigger-based campaign not personalizing e-mail based on the triggering interaction


I am using a trigger based campaign.

This is based on an interaction as trigger.

In my segmentation profile; many attributes of my interaction are also available for mail personalization.

For example; a custom field called "appointment date".

However, when I use this field in the mail personalization; and then trigger my campaign,

the "appointment date" field is not personalized with the ONE date from this triggering interaction. Instead there is a concatenation of ALL appointment dates that the contact receiving the email has EVER had over all his interactions.

How can I make sure that the mail personalization only uses the values from the interaction that triggers it?

PS; if I use a classic campaign with a target group; and add Interaction Date as an attribute on my segmentation model;

If one of my interactions with an appointment date was created yesterday; and the second interaction was created today; and I filter on Interaction Date = today;

When I use this target group in an email; then I do get ONE appointment date; namely the one from in the interaction of today, and not ALL appointment dates. So technically it is possible for the system to take into account filters from the segmentation model. So likewise, on a trigger based campaign, the filter should be to only take the current triggering interaction into account...

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  • I always thought that for trigger based campaigns, which are happening on a trigger of a specific interaction, system should pick data from that particular interaction. What you are writing is a surprise to me and I would like to know the answer as well.


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4 Answers

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    Nov 07, 2017 at 03:43 PM

    Hi Joyce,

    We had exactly same issue. We solved it by changing segmentation key for our segmentation object. We changed it from "SAP_CONTACT_KEY" to "SAP_INTERACTION_KEY" and also did mappings according to db_key for interactions (not contact keys)

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes

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  • Nov 07, 2017 at 09:30 AM

    Hi Joyca,

    Did you use the "All Interactions" segmentation profile for the personalization? Then it should work.



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  • Nov 08, 2017 at 08:05 AM

    Thanks for the suggestions Catherine and Hakan. I'll try them out. The thing is that we'll have some rework because some of the datasources linked to our current segmentation object, do not have the interaction key in them; only the contact key (like SAP_CONTACT_EMAIL_AFFINITY, SAP_CONTACT_EMAIL_BEST_SEND_TM, SAP_CONTACT_ENGAGEMENT_IC_MA, even SAP_CONTACT_INTEREST_AFF_SP); so I guess we'll need to join these in HANA first to a view that does have an interaction key.



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    • Hi,

      We've been able to test with the all interactions profile and it looks promising.

      This profile is one that indeed uses the interaction key instead of the contact key.

      So now we still need to remodel to get all our used HANA views to have the interaction key in them.

      Thanks to all!

  • Nov 07, 2017 at 02:39 PM

    Hi Joyca,

    Have you tried to filter the interaction on the Hana view linked to the alias you are using for it?

    If you do, you would not have this problem anymore.

    Let me know!



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