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Unable to Import Service Catalog Structure in SAP C4C

Nov 03, 2017 at 11:12 AM


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When I am trying to import service catalog from CSV format , New catalog is getting created but structure is not getting updated. Even a single value is not updated in the structure , but it was created.

Unable to import around 600 values.

Can you guide me ....



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Fabio Damasceno
Nov 06, 2017 at 05:52 PM

Hello there Nagaraja,

Please evaluate this help link on service catalog uploads. I will paste its information below (sorry for the not optimal format, the link shows it clearer):

Upload a Service Category Catalog

You can create a comma separated value (CSV) file to upload your entire service category catalog, rather than creating each entry manually in the system. This method also supports uploading multiple languages in the same file.

Create a spreadsheet with the following data pattern and save in CSV format.


For a complete list of supported language codes, refer to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System and Software Requirements guide.



  • The category ID and Parent Category ID must be different, or else the upload stops with an error.
  • For category IDs, the prefix CA_is reserved for categories created manually in the system, and must not be used for category IDs in upload files.
  • Use a semicolon as a separator in the CVS file. This allows commas in entry text.
  • The same restrictions on ID apply to uploaded records as to manually created categories.
  • Use additional columns to add multiple languages. Repeat the same data pattern for each additional language.
  • Uploading a catalog replaces the current catalog, if any. The system can have only one service category catalog.



The upload file is limited to 1000 category entries. If you require a larger service category catalog, please contact SAP support.

  1. Navigate to Administrator Service and Social Settings
  2. Select New Catalog from file .
  3. Select the file to upload.

    If you have included a header row in the file, select Exclude Header Column. The system will discard any entries in the first row.

  4. Select Upload.

    This creates the service category catalog with the status of In Preparation. Open the new catalog and verify the contents have imported correctly.

  5. Click Change Status, then Release to release the new service category catalog.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Close to return to the Service Categories view.


So, Nagaraja, in your scenario, did you follow the recommendations above? In positive case, maybe you should seek help by opening an incident. Bye!

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Hello Fabio,

I have created service catalogue with required service categories, sub-service categories and topic categories in the system manually, now I want to translate all these to another language.

please advice how do I do it in the system.



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Former Member Nov 30, 2017 at 10:39 AM

Hi Fabio Damasceno,

Thank you for you detailed steps. I did follow the above mentioned steps. I finally identified an issue in duplicates of Category ID and Parent Categoy ID and finally I was able to upload service catalog with entries of around 900.

As our business will be adding to the list , I came to know SAP will support till 1000 items , what if I get a requirement of more than 100o entries.

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Hello again Nagaraja,

The system has a lot of boundaries to ensure its stability and security across many scenarios. Our Administration Guide Online shows that for more than 1000, you should seek SAP Support via an incident. Please state all your business needs on the scenario for the most precise analysis and possible next steps.

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Thank you very much Fabio.

Andrew Smith Jun 19 at 12:54 PM


I have used the CSV import method for the Language Code SK (Slovakia). However on import the following types of words with specific character sets are not imported and displayed incorrectly.

Import CSV text

Platobné účty
Pracovný čas a dochádzka
Dôchodkové zabezpečenie

Text displayed in C4C following import

Platobn# #cty
Pracovn cas a doch#dzka
D#chodkov# zabezpecenie

Are there any ways that the specific characters on import are maintained?



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