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SAP Lumira 1.30, Percentage Of

Nov 02, 2017 at 06:10 PM


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I have created one Stacked Bar Chart and used Percentage Of Calculation for measure

There is a option to select Dimensions in which I need to apply Percentage, which is Ok and working good

But now I have scenario where I have to create Drill down custom hierarchy as a Dimension, and now Percentage of under measure calculation is not working

It seems like Percentage of does not work with custom hierarchy dimension

Can you please help me and let me know how i can apply Percentage of to custom hierarchy

let me know if we can do this task either sap lumira 1.30 or 2.0 discovery



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What is your data source? Can you share screen shots so we can try to recreate it?

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I have attached file, Measure is not getting calculated properly when I drill down to product Line, it still take PBU as base Dimension


example.png (179.4 kB)
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Can anyone answer my above question

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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Nov 08, 2017 at 04:43 PM

Deepak - I didn't get notified of your comments.

I tried it in Lumira 1.31.8 - see below:

percentag.jpg (134.4 kB)
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Hi Tammy

Thanks for you reply / answer

In this scenario % is getting calculated at lower gain that is SIG ( Dashboarding, Reporting, BI plat etc)

we have drill down hierarchy (Speaker/SIG)

But I want if we are at Higher gain (Speaker) then Bar & percentage should be shown only for Speaker, and once we click on any speaker than it should go to Speaker/SIG level which you have shown

Initially Bar/ percentage will be calculated on higher gain that is Speaker while we click and go to lower gain SIG, percentage and bar will be calculated on SIG Level

Thanks & Regards