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F110 & EBS - Exchange rate difference.

Nov 02, 2017 at 05:54 PM


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My client in existing process they are sending instructions to bank to pay certain amount say 10 dollars to XYZ vendor. Once the bank paid 10 dollars to the vendor say @65 and bank gives the information that they have paid @65. Later, then user pass the payment entry in F-53 giving USD @65 and 10 dollars and everything is fine. Now the requirement is the user want to use APP - F110 to settle the due netting invoices for foreign vendors. By doing this the vendor is getting cleared in SAP first say @ 65 (where no money is actually sent) later the payment advice is sent to bank to pay to the vendor. And then the bank pays to the vendor 10 dollars say @70. Now how to reconcile this amount with bank or Exchange rate difference (difference 5*10 = 50)?

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2 Answers

Gustavo Vazquez Nov 03, 2017 at 10:34 AM

I have a similar business process. Invoices in foreign currency are paid from Bank account in local currency.

If you sent the order to the bank, then you have the amount in LC and post the clearing payment, you can use Payment Currency and Payment Amount in Vendor Line Item to enter amount in LC. Exchange rate differences will be considered in the payment document.

trx OBC4 -> Field Status Group for the GL Account -> Payment

Kind Regards

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Former Member Nov 03, 2017 at 02:21 AM

Hi pradeep.

If you follow this process, i don't see any issue. Example

1st Oct 2017 - Invoice

Dr Expense 10(TC) 64(LC)

Cr Vendor 10(TC) 64(LC)

25th Oct 2017 - Payment in SAP F110, F-53

Dr vendor 10(TC) 64(LC)

Cr Bank clearing 10(TC) 63(LC) <-- exchange rate M in sap

Cr realized gain/loss 0(TC) 1(LC)

28th Oct 2017 - Receive EBS from bank. Bank actual payment to vendor

Dr Bank clearing 10(TC) 65(LC) <----Bank exchange rate

Cr main bank 10(TC) 65(LC)

28th Oct 2017 - Clearing for bank clearing

Dr bank clearing 10(TC) 63(LC)

Cr bank clearing 10(TC) 65(LC)

Dr realized gain/loss 0(TC) 2(TC)

So, we have total Dr realized gain loss 1(TC) in this example. Our invoice is 64(LC) and we paid at 65(LC).


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