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Jan 14, 2008 at 08:33 AM

SAP HR System Architecture


dear experts,

there are different possibilities of placing a sap hr module in a sap system landscape. i wrote down what i think are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions (1-3). i very much would appreciate additional feedback. thank you very much.

1. sap hr is on a own system/own client

➕ max. security level

➕ independent patch/release handling

➕ easy authority handling

➖ high cost

2. sap hr is on a system with other modules but on a own client

➕ high security level

➕ easy authority handling

➖ no independent patch/release handling

3. sap hr is on a system with other modules and on a shared client with other modules

➕ low cost

➕ no ale

➖ complex authority handling

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