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Jan 14, 2008 at 06:56 AM

Xmii Daylight Saving and OLEDB UDS


Hi All

I have a problem with my OLEDB UDS connection to PI

I am using Xmii OLEDB UDS version to connect to pi

Java version :

SAP Xmii version 11.5

After moving into daylight savings period on october 28th @ 2:00am our data is out by an hour.

(all of the data below was taken at 6:30am)


50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 24-Oct-2007 06:30:00 6998.15 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 25-Oct-2007 06:30:00 6507.75 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 26-Oct-2007 06:30:00 6313.29 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 27-Oct-2007 06:30:00 6277.06 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 28-Oct-2007 05:30:00 5682.10 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 29-Oct-2007 05:30:00 5073.77 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 30-Oct-2007 05:30:00 4855.63 --- 0.00

50210-LI-QVY-2101.01D-00 31-Oct-2007 05:30:00 5360.67 --- 0.00

This only occurs when dat is queried through Xmii (via the UDS)

Runningthe same query using the pi-snapin for mmc OR using the PI test tools gives me the correct data (all @ 6:30)

It looks like the UDS does not adjust corrrectly for daylight savings

I have updated java using the timzone updater and tried almost everything I can think of to fix this.

by a process of elimination we have come to the conclusion that the UDS is the problem

Can you tell me :

1) is there a newer version of the OLEDB UDS available ??? (I tried to download this from the marketplace but it was not there)

2) what else can i try to fix this issue ???

Moving the timexone of the computer to GMT +9 to allow for daylight makes data correct after october 28th but wrong before October 28th

any help and/or idea would be greatly appreciated

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