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Former Member
Nov 01, 2016 at 07:38 PM

I have a question regarding ODATA data field types, like single Field, Table etc.


I am new to Fiori and OData., I have a knowledge of Working in WebDynpro. So there we bound the Application Model with RFC for data. Now RFCs has different types of Data fields, like import or export fields with single fields, data structure containing only one row and table.

Now can any one help regarding the data structure of ODATA. Does it can contain single fields or it will always receive and return data in table format. For example I saw suppose the entity set name is Student and if it had three fields called, name, roll_no, batch, it generally return data in Student -> Results -> <Field names>. So Result is the Table here.

So my question is whether ODATA always return in Table format or it can have a direct single field also? If it returns data in different ways then how to understand that from ODATA service structure. Highly appreciate if you can share any document link containing detail understanding of ODATA structure and how to understand that.

Also saw that Read is the most used function for execution of ODATA service, even at the time of sending back the data to update the backend. But I saw that ODATA can have multiple functionalities like Read, Create, Update, etc. How to understand that which function need to called and how to call it.