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Jan 11, 2008 at 07:37 PM

Creating QRY and need Serial Number Table for Field SERNR


I am creating a SQVI Query that will give me all material in stock and their serial number or batch number. I was able to create the batch number by using:


LQUA-MATNR = Part Number

LQUA-LGPLA = Storage Bin

LQUA-VERME = Available Stock

LQUA-WDATU = Date of Goods Receipt

LQUA-BDATU = Date of Last Movement

LQUA-LGTYP = Storage Type

LQUA-EDATU = Date of Last Placement into Stock

LQUA-CHARG = Batch Number

OK I would like to add the Serial Number and when I review in lets say lQ01 I can't find the table name for the serial number - just the field name which is SERNR.

Does anyone know of the table name and how I can link to table LQUA?