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Jan 11, 2008 at 04:24 AM

Strange issue clearing context element


Hello, I am having a strange issue with a couple WebDynpro I am writting. I am writting a web dynpro application in 04 the leverages some web services. I am not using AWS but the old model type.

I have a WS call where the input signature look likes this:


All the inputs are strings but I can take a array of customer Id's.

Now when I import the WS into the NWDS I get a model context that looks as follows:

       - CustomerId 
               - value 
      - Origin 
      - Destination 
      - Date 
      - Response_CustomerFlight 

So I can set the Origin, Destination, Date no problem accessing the currentCustomerFlightElement but the set CustomerId has caused me some greif. Accessing the nodeCustomerId that was creating an adding a element for each entry in the list never seems to properly set the context elements. I found the in the currentCustomerFlightElement.modelObject their is a setCustomId which takes an array or list method. This method seem to work to set the values but I do not seem to be able to clear the values in the modeobject ever and passing in a new array of new values adds to the original list and does not over write.

I have trie using different invalidate functions in the different nodes as well removing all of the elementsin the node for the customer Id but with no joy.

Any ideas?