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Jan 10, 2008 at 11:38 PM

Issue w/ File content conversion (Receiver side)


Folks, there seems to be an issue with the conversion. I've read several of threads on this forum, but none helped! Although the file is generated with 8 bytes there seems to be nothing in the file.

However when 'File' message protocol is used, the xml file is generated correctly as expected. All my other settings are fine.

Here is the scenario:

1) created Message type -






2) comm. channel created for -

Transport protocol: File (NFS)

Message protocol: File content conversion

Recordset Structure: MTX


MTX.fieldSeparator: ,

MTX.endSeparator: 'nl'

Should recordset struc. and parameters have 'ns0' prefix, i.e.,

Recordset Structure: ns0:MTX


ns0:MTX.fieldSeparator: ,

ns0:MTX.endSeparator: 'nl'

What esle is missing? any thoughts are welcome.

Thanks and appreciate your responses.