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RTC - Real Time Consolidation, currency translation approach?

Dear All,

Wanted to understand, what is the right approach for Currency Translation in RTC :

I am on S4 Hana 1610 FPS01 .So far I could run translation in RTC by using classic approach where we load AVG & CLO Rates to the Rates DSO/Cube and use BPC business rules in web to define translation. It posts the results in Group Currency with Consolidation Group.

E.g. G_NONE E001 NONE LC 100 > CG1 E001 SAR 120 ( assuming entity E001 is in AED and AED vs SAR is 1.2). Since this is classic I am not putting any screen shot as it is completely like the standard BPC / Classic BPC

Next I am sharing the scenario with currency translation in S4 HANA which I was checking. In this case we don't need the infoprovider for Exchange Rates, as system can read the TCURR and TCURRF table to get the appropriate exchange rates. ( again how monthly avg & closing rates is calculated by system is a mystery to me??)

So we start the currency translation after configuring currency translation from tcode RTCCT:

So the system translated the company code which was part of the consolidation group. Now my problem is I can't see the posted results with Consolidation Group and Group Currency in ACDOCC as it doesn't have it? What is the issue / problem if execution shows the translation but result not getting stored in backend table ACDOCC?

Any inputs/ help would be really useful.

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