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Jan 10, 2008 at 05:50 PM

trouble with "FI_items_display "


hi everyone

I have a problem with the following function.

I want to make a grid alv.


DATA: it_sort TYPE slis_t_sortinfo_alv WITH HEADER LINE.

CLEAR it_sort.

it_sort-fieldname = 'KUNAG'.

APPEND it_sort.



caller_repid = c_repid_ar

acctype = c_koart_ar

x_change = x_change

i_u_save = gd_alvsave

is_u_variant = gs_variant

it_u_fieldcat = gt_fieldcat[]

---> it_u_sort = it_sort

it_kontab = it_accts[]

it_slbtab = it_comps[]

it_t001 = it_h_t001[]

it_kna1 = it_h_kna1[]

it_knb1 = it_h_knb1[]

x_grid = x_grid

x_inet = pa_inet


it_items = it_pos2.


I wanna sort my grid by a field "KUNAG". In order to I use "it_u_sort" as a parameters.

when I execute my program, sap notices me with this message

" The reason for the exception is:

The call to the function module "FI_ITEMS_DISPLAY" is incorrect:

The function module interface allows you to specify only

fields of a particular type under "IT_U_SORT".

The field "IT_SORT" specified here is a different

field type . "


could anyone help me?

how can I pass it_sort as a parameter?