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Jan 10, 2008 at 05:15 PM

Settlment rule/Parameters Product Cost Collector RM01 order type



The business issue: the client has been live for almost 12 months. They have never calculated variances or settled the product cost collectors. The order type used is RM01. As you know the standard is "PER" settlement. We now want to calc variances and settle cost. We have a cutover issue. The orders have balances for each month. We would like to settle, without calculating variances, the values to a "cutover" G/L account in FI to clear the orders. My plan would be to make a temporary setting in MM account determination for this. Then after settlement set the DLFL flag. Then create a new cost collector with the proper settlement profile, config and cost estimate.

My issue is this. I can't add a rule, change the existing settlement rule or settlement parameters in KKF6N - its grey in change mode. I would like to do something like add a new rule that has "FUL" settlement. Can't do it - its grey in change mode. By using "FUL" I can settle the entire amount of meaningless cost to my “cutover” account and move one. Sorry for the long post. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.