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Help for understanding ITSM status (INPR, FINI...)

Nov 02, 2017 at 04:04 PM


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We used ITSM in our company, I have to set up some new status. I did so using “SPRO” and “user status” (see screen below). With several sap article and forums, I managed to do so with no real struggle: I added my status (for example “01. Qualification”) fill in the appropriate data and if the status need to be in customer time, I go to the other activity “specify customer time status” and add the status in the table (second screenshot, it corresponds to status E0024).

My question however is about the status “OPEN”, “FINI’ and “INPR” (in red on the screenshot), what do they mean and what’s their impact/ functionality ?

Do you have any links, notes or documentation about it ?

I could not find any documentation about it. Let’s take my custom status “01. Qualification”, it should be customer time. I added this status in the “customer time” table (second sceenshot), but do I have put “INPR status in the user status table (as shown on the first screenshot)?

Thanks for all your help !

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Philipp Merk Nov 09, 2017 at 10:25 AM

Hi Dimitri,

The technical keys here define only that the ticket could not longer changed (FINI).

When you are looking for the calculation of your customer times, you should search for SLA calculation.

And you will find somethink like this guide (works similar in 7.2)



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Hello Philipp,

Thanks for the answe,r it seem that I mixed up several thing.

Do you have any infos about those technical status (open, inpr and fini) and what each one does ? I couldn't find much about it




Hi Dimitri,

You can check this out via the value help in the field:



FINI is a final status value, so the ticket could not changed any longer