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Jan 10, 2008 at 03:17 PM

Broadcasting - One workbook sent multiple times per filter value


Dear all,

a quick question about broadcasting:

I want to broadcast a workbook that has a boutique (0PLANT) as a filter, which is automatically determined from the receiver authorization.

A user (who is allowed to see several boutiques) will in this case get only one workbook, but the figures are summarized for all boutiques.

How can I force the system to send four workbooks and within each workbook, only one boutique is selected?

We use BW 3.5, but will migrate to 7.0 next weekend.... will the "burst mode" help to solve this issue? (e.g. add an attribute "receiver" to 0PLANT and enter always the same email adress, so that it will run sequentially boutique-by-boutique and broadcast each document?) - but according to the help pages a filter for workbooks(!) is not possible in this case...

Any ideas?



PS: a drill down/across by boutique is not possible in this case as well...