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Lumira 1.31 Creating a Hierarchy With Multiple Objects on the Same Level


I currently have the objects labour, paint, parts, other and total cost. I want to make a hierarchy that will drill down on total cost and show the amounts for labour, paint, parts and other on the same level. Is this possible in Lumira 1.31 and if so how would I go about this.?

Thank you in advance.

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  • I am quite new to Lumira. I have tried to produce the result I am looking for but no luck.

    The main issue is that unlike time parameters where if you were to produce a hierarchy for a column of dates, Lumira would produce columns for year, month and days, in this the values for the months would be a cell in the months column and also assigned to a corresponding year, producing the drilldown ability to view measures by months, essentially the months, days, etc are derived from a rule. While with my example of total cost and components that make up said cost (lets say total costs for building projects) are pulled in from a spread sheet where the headings are the total cost and the corresponding components that make up that total cost (parts, labour, etc), with the cells for each component of the building project being entered. That is there is no rule to derive these values from the total cost as there is no configuration that connect them together.

    So my question comes down to, is there a way in Lumira 1.31 to produce a visual such that, if the columns that are pulled in from a spreadsheet are project number, total cost, labour, parts, etc, then on the visual, when hovering over a project number total cost will be shown and once drilled down ins clicked the components that make up that total cost will be displayed?

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