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Retro error in Payroll

Nov 02, 2017 at 10:08 AM


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For some reason the following error only shows up when I run actual Payroll. When running a test run, it shows up in the log as a warning but still runs and I get results. More so when running without log - I get a perfect pay slip with all the right amounts.

How is it possible that the simulation doesn't really reflect the actual situation?

This is the error/warning:

RA run too early for payroll area 77
Earliest retroactive accounting period: 2013 01

Retroactive accounting date for employee: 01/03/2009

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau Nov 02, 2017 at 04:44 PM

A Payroll Simulation will allow will allow you to do things that are not possible in a Payoll Calculation, and vice-versa.

What are you trying to do? Executing a massive retroactive payroll calculation?

Is the problem only for one employee, for a set of employees (PSA, EG, ESG), or for all employees in PAA 77?

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Thank you for answering.

The issue is with a specific employee. In his IT 0003, his Earliest MD change is 01/03/2009 but his payroll area (77) Earliest retro acctg period is 2014.

When the users runs a test to make sure everything is OK, they get a payslip and everything looks fine, but when running actual payroll, they get an error.

Is there a way to get this error during the test run?

The test run is in a production system and the function CHECK with the parameter ABR is active.

Thanks in advance.


I do not know if there is "a way to get this error during the test run", but I suggest that you run an ad-hoc query on IT0003 to identify those employees for which Time Evaluation or Payroll Calculation will be done retroactively (specially if more than a month or two), and for these, use the Audit Report (program = RPUAUD00_PNPCE) to idendify why there is such a retro.