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Lumira on BIP Visualisations Missing for some users

We run SAP Lumira 1.31.8 on BIP 4.1 SP7. A report writer has created some Lumira visualisation which run fine for most people but some users have reported failures with the report completing start-up and when it does complete some elements of the report are not populated with data or blank (one chart on a three chart page for example). Adjusting filters can correct some of these issues, but usually it just shifts where the problem appears. (Client machine is running Windows 7 and using IE11 to access the BI Platform).

On investigating with one of the users I found that if I closed down most of their other applications on their PC the report would then run successfully. So I suspected a memory issue. They have 8GB which you would think would be sufficient - though the report does pull back a significant amount of data. In fact when the issues are experienced TaskManager was showning 6.5GB of the 8GB in use.

So my question is what resources does Lumira use on the client side when visualisations are viewed through the Business Intelligence Platform? Does it use a lot of local disk space? If so where is this located?

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2 Answers

  • Nov 02, 2017 at 09:54 AM

    Hi Dan - I would have a look at the Lumira Sizing Guide to see if everything in your system is sized correctly - see

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    • Hi Tammy,

      Yes, permissions are fine and if I closed down all other applications on one users machine the report ran successfully - this is what led me to believe it was a local PC memory issue, or perhaps temporary disk space. I just cant find any more information on what Lumira actually uses on this side.

  • Nov 28, 2017 at 03:38 PM

    Right the plot thickens. This is odd. The memory was a red herring.

    When the report is run as a regular user the issue occurs. Report filter is sometimes missing from the filter bar but still applied to the data. Visualisations are inconsistently populated as you move through the pages of the report. Going back and forth between pages the elements will sometimes be OK, other times empty.

    If the regular user logs out and the report is then run on the same PC in the same browser but as a user with Admin rights the report runs correctly.

    And then if that admin user then logs out and the regular user logs in again the report continues to run correctly! I.e. running as the admin user has fixed the problem for the regular user.

    Once "fixed" the report would run OK for that user until the restart at the weekend when it would re-occur. Trying to consistently get the issue to re-occur during the week wasn't working until I found that a Tomcat restart by itself would cause the problem to occur.

    So any ideas what is going on here? It's now with SAP support but it's quite an odd situation.

    Server set-up is a cluster with two BO BIP nodes and two Lumira nodes all Windows Server 2012. A work around is to disable one of the Lumira nodes. Tomcat runs on the two BO BIP nodes and that runs through an F5 load balancer.

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