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Jan 10, 2008 at 09:35 AM

Tables Info REQ???



I need to ask that,I had seen in some Ztables & SAP Standard tables,some warnings are coming for the Enhancemnt Category-->Not Classified.

Even In the PRD the smae problem is there.

I am quite amazed,I had seen this prob just after the DEV/QAS refresh,but PRD i snot refreshed any time.

So form where this problem had arrived.In Ztables this can be there,as might be some one forgot to do?

But how is this possible in SAP Standard tables,which are already there in PRD since frm the long time.

I think this can be only if the version is updtaed,in new version all the tables has to be classifed with the Enhancemnt Category.Than its logical.even I am not sure,I am a beginer.

so kindly update me how to sough this out?

As if there in PRD all the tables in which the Category is not defined,than it will be a problem to defie it & re-transport to PRD.Also as there is lots of data in PRD,how shd i make this warning removed,as I need to matianed all the data there.

Can i only transport the table with enhancement category denied,in a TR?

Also if any table,just needs tha matianance generator only,in PRD,will it come wothout effecting the present data?If I create it in DEv under a TR.

PLZ help me?