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Jan 10, 2008 at 08:56 AM

very useful to every one if any one finds answer plz have a look


i want to pass the value to the fieldcatlog

and we will pass the value

gwa_fieldcatlog-fieldname = 'kunnr'.

gwa_fieldcatlog-tabname = itab.

gwa_fieldcatlog-seltext_l = 'meta customer'.

gwa_fieldcatlog-outputlen = '15'.

append gwa_fieldcatlog to git_fielcatlog.

My question is instead passing the lenth to output length there is one field in fieldcat log which we need to pass something to it so tthe output lenght will adjust itself ( no need to drag the alv grd it will adjust excatly how many letter that many).which i have worked so long aback..can y one gives the answer ..

i check with fix_col

which it is not working when i pass it is not working..

plcheck once and reply as soon as u can..