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Nov 01, 2017 at 01:17 PM

Data of employee is invalid for extraction


When using ECPAO_EMPL_EXTRACTION I know get the error message "Data of employee xxxxxxxx is invalid for extraction" for every single EE included in my selection.

This has worked before, but I believe that changed after adjusting the Earliest Transfer Date in V_ECPAO_TEMPLSET.

Changing it back to the previous date has no effect. I suspect it may have something to do with change pointers. Not sure about that since I'm using file-based transfer only and delta replication is reserved for web service based transfer only. Also, in TBDA2 I checked to see whether there's an entry for ECPAO (and ECPAO_OM) and whether it's activated.

There wasn't one for ECPAO but ECPAO_OM was there and activated. I added ECPAO and deactivated ECPAO_OM (ECPAO is inactive as well!)
Can I conclude that the issue is not actually related to change pointers?

Where do I need to look instead in order to be able to extract employees?

The error message is ECPAO_PROCESSING027.