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Jan 10, 2008 at 06:19 AM

ALV list display



My program is ALV interactive reporting. I am a problem in o/p list display. There is an amount field in the o/p display and i am passing this through fieldcatalog along with cfieldname and ctabname( reference currency fieldname and tablename). In the o/p list display when i am trying to sum-up the amount field its is showing multiple totals this is because it is summing up according to the currency key ( for example for all USD currency it is adding up all the amont related to USD and showing one summation for IN currency it is showing another total) .

Is there any way so that i can have only one total.

define add_field.

wa_fieldcat-fieldname = &1.

wa_fieldcat-col_pos = &2.

wa_fieldcat-ddictxt = &3.

wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = &3.

wa_fieldcat-seltext_m = &3.

wa_fieldcat-seltext_s = &3.

wa_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = &3.

wa_fieldcat-ddictxt = 'M'.

wa_fieldcat-ref_fieldname = &4.

wa_fieldcat-ref_tabname = &5.

wa_fieldcat-cfieldname = &6.

wa_fieldcat-ctabname = &7.

append wa_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.

add 1 to &2.


add_field 'HSL' l_pos 'Amt. Co. Cd. Currency'(022) 'HSL01' 'ZUPI5T'


plz help me.