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Jan 10, 2008 at 04:10 AM

Time dependent Attibute in my Infoobject ?


Hi All,

Scenario :I have one Char Infoobject with time dependent attribute in that . Data is loaded as Direct update with full load

We are this to maintain History

Question :

1.When I go to maintain masterdata I get two attribute add along with my attribute as Valid From and Valid To, is it system genrated ?

2.When I go to transfer rule ,we have maped this two genrated attribute as well - so In our system To date is constant as 31/12/9999 and Valid From is assign to 0calday.

But when I see the data I get the entries for one particular material as multiple - and more ever it automatticaly adjust Valid To date = current calday -1 , the big problem for me I am not able to get How system is doing this adjustment for Valid From and Vaild To dates for previous entries . -

Is this feature of Time depeneded attribute ???

Note : When I see the infopakage I cant find start routine But I can find one date field from source made available only in Selection tab and which is assign to getyesterday (0)

But which is not maped in transfer rule, I was thinking that it might be used to map to Valid to Date through ABAP.. But I am not able to find code for the same .... 😔

Please advice and Give more info on Time Dependend Attibute .?