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Jan 09, 2008 at 04:31 PM

User Exit / Enhancement for Master Serial Number Capture ....Pls help !!!



My requirement is: When I Enter a Master Serial Number, For Ex. my master serial number is of format SXXNNNNNNNK,

*where XX is the number of Serial numbers to capture.*

*If XX = 15, i need to capture 15 serial numbers.*

*NNNNNNN is the series of the serial number beginning.*

*If NNNNNNN = 1234500, and XX = 5, the Master Serial numbers generated would be 1234500 1234501 1234502 1234503 1234504*

*(5 S/Ns should be generated).*

(S and K can be left alone).

Now When i enter the Master Serial Number SXXNNNNNNNK, and when I press enter, internally a User Exit should be triggered and generate the required number of S/Ns.

Can anyone please help me out what is the User Exit i need to use so that my requirement as mentioned above is fulfilled?

*Thanks in advance,*