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Jan 09, 2008 at 02:57 PM

comma need to be displayed in the floating point value in scripts


Hi Experts,

while i am doing the totals for the credit amounts in the backend program(Subroutine pool) for the sap scripts, i am deleting the comma(,) to do the total calculation.

comma needs to be deleted because the values are passed through the ITCSY sctructure..its VALUE field is of type CHAR. so in the subroutine i deleted the comma & caluculated the total & the total is also displaying properly.

but in the total display the comma's are not displaying..

Is there any function module to insert the comma's in the floating point value...???

i think we can't do manually coz the total value size may vary..

Can any body help me please..?? its very urgent..

Valuable answers will be rewarded.

Immediate response will be appreciated..

Thanks & Regards,