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Jan 09, 2008 at 01:27 PM

IP-how to enter new record that includes a new value of the characteristic?


Dear IP Experts:

In a WAD, I can enter new data records for the characteristic combinations that do not yet exist or change posted data records, but when I enter a value of a characteristic that not exists in master table or text table, even the characteristic I have not check the master data and text flag, just a characteristic, it is not work! There is a error message ,"invalid value xxx" and so on.

For example:

0calmonth 0material Zquantity

200711 100001 1000

200711 100002 2000

When I enter the value combination "200711 100003 500" and refresh data , It is a error message, "invalid value 100003" . 100003 is a new value of 0MATERAIL that is not exist previously.

But when I run the "manual enter template" in the planning sequence, it works fine! I can enter any value of a characteristic, even the value is not exists in the characterstic previously.

So I confused with this, was I have some setting not set in WAD template? I have use the same filter in query as in planning sequence.

Thanks a lot for your answers!