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Jan 09, 2008 at 11:56 AM

Call horizon at package level


Hello friends

I am struck at one issue at client side, kindly throw light if anybody has some knowhow:

I have created one maintenance plan with strategy assigned to it. The included packages are monthly, three monthly and yearly.The call horizon is maintained at 90% ( at strategy level).

The client is ok with the call horizon time (ie 3days) for preparing for monthly as well as three monthly tasks. But he wants call horizon to be different for yearly activity (75%), since planning for yearly activity requires more time.

In other words, how can different call horizons be maintained for different packages in same strategy?

One way is to make a different plan for yearly activity. but in that case it will clash with monthly activity and in this case hierarchy can not be maintained, since plans are different.

Plz guide, points assured