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Former Member
Jan 09, 2008 at 11:37 AM

HR-PA-Changes IT0000 & IT0001


I have to changed wrong maintain IT0000 & IT0001 far away from earliest retro active allowed in SAP.

For Exampe :

Earliest Retro is on January 2005

Data in IT0001 as below:

01/01/1980 - 12/31/1990 as Position A.

Data should be changed as below:

01/01/1980 - 12/31/1985 as Position A

01/01/1986 - 12/31/1990 as Position B.

I have tried using PA30 but error due to changes far away from Retro Active Date.

Is there any posiblity to change incorrect maintained data above?

Thank you for incoming advice.

M, Djafar