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Jan 09, 2008 at 11:22 AM

Refresh QAS Environment with Production Data



We need to refresh QAS environment with Production data.

Can we export schema SAPPR3 (Production) and import these object in schema SAPQR3 (Quality) through Oracle tool (exp/imp)?

Our idea is:

In Production Server:

1-) Stopsap;

2-) startdb;

3-) exp file=sappr3.dmp log=sappr3.log owner=sappr3 compress=y;

4-) after finish exp, startr3;

5-) sftp sappr3.dmp from Production server to Quality server;

Quality Server:

6-) stopsap;

7-) startdb;

8-) drop user sapqr3 cascade;

9-) create user sapqr3;

10-) imp file=sappr3.dmp fromuser=sappr3 touser=sapqr3;

11-) adjust hostname and/or instace name;

12-) other adjustments.

13-) startr3;


Are these procedures correct ?

Does we need to adjust hostname and/or instance name into the database? How ?

Are there others adjustments for to do in this case ? How ?

Are there another way for "refresh" QAS (Quality) environment with Production data ?