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Jan 09, 2008 at 09:45 AM

Problrem in posting credit notes through FB75 via RFC call


Hi Guys,

I have created 3 RFC Function modules which will be called through SAP .net connector.

1st and 3rd RFC will send the data from SAP Ztables to Interface. 2nd RFC will post the credit notes through FB75 transaction.

Problem is when we run the 2nd RFC in SAP with some set of input data it is posting the credit notes. But when we run the same from the interface it is not posting the document for the samedata. We are returning a flag indicator whether the transaction is success or failure.(i.e. When Credit note is posted flag = S and not posted flag = F). Interface poeple getting flag as F.This means that there is no problem with the connection, Because we are returning flag value from SAP side. We are using BDC for posting credit notes.

Is there any problem with access permissions for the transaction? If so how can we proceed further?. But with same User ID we are able to post from SAP.

Another important thing is Interface people are able to post credit notes when the target system is Development. But when they specified test system it is not posting.

We are not able to understand what might be the problem.

If any one of you have some solution for this please let me know ASAP. Points will be rewarded for all usefull answers.

Thanks in Advance,