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Jan 09, 2008 at 08:15 AM

GR IR Clearing



Here is one scenario.

PO qty 10 Nos

Price 2/Euro each

Exchange Rate at the time of GR is 50/-INR per 1 Euro

Then GR Qty 10 Nos

Acct Document

Inventory Dr 20 Euro Rs.1000/-INR

GR/IR Clg Cr 20 Euro Rs.1000/-INR

Exchange Rate at the time of IR is Rs55/-INR per 1 Euro

Stock at the time of IR is 5 Nos

As per Standard the Posting should be

Vendor Cr 20 Euro Rs.1100 INR

GR/IR Dr Rs. 1000 INR

Inventry Dr Rs. 50 INR

Price diff Dr Rs. 50 INR.


But in system the postings are

Vendor Cr Rs.1100/-INR

GR?IR Dr Rs.1050/-INR

Inventory Dr Rs. 12.50/INR

Price Diff Dr Rs 37.50/-INR

Hence even after i cleared the Vendor due In GR IR clg GL account Balance will be there.

Why it is like this?

Any settings are required.

Please help me.