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Jan 09, 2008 at 07:28 AM

How do you cope with releases of your custom Portal Content (PCD Content)?


Dear SDN Community,

I'm very interested in how you cope with release management in the Portal (PCD).

Where I'm focusing on is the release of a "project" trough your landscape (Dev, Test, QA, Prod)

When starting a project you start with a new folder lets say "My Custom App" that contains all your content.

Once done you transport to Test, QA and eventually Prod. Now the Content is in use and roles are assigned.

Request for changes arive from the customer and eventually a new release need to be implemented.

Offcourse you could then change/update the content in the initial folder and transport that to Test, QA again but you will not be able to fix incidents while creating the new release because objects maybe touched.

I was thinking about a scenario where you create subfolders in your application folder, see example below:

\ "My Custom App"

|--- Release 1.0

|--- Release 1.1

|--- Release 2.0

|--- Current

You only do this on your Dev system. Everytime a Release is OK you put it in the "Current" folder and transport this to Prod.

Using this you won't have to change the Role assignments in your different landscapes as they are always pointing to the "Current" folder. In addition this scenario enables you to provide Pilot rollouts to smaller groups parallel to the Major release.

My question to you is to shoot on it and give your oppinion/feedback... where possible provide links to SAP document or best practices that describe this subject...

Thnx in advance,

Benjamin Houttuin