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Nov 02, 2017 at 04:32 PM

OO ALV unwanted vertical scroll bar and cannot scroll right


Hi All,

I have a main screen on which is defined a Subscreen area that occupies the whole screen. On this subscreen area I have a docking container docked at the left to display a tree/node structure. The user can double click a tree node to choose which ALV should be displayed to the right of the tree in a container. When an ALV is displayed it appears to the right of the tree. Each ALV is defined in its own subscreen, so when the user double clicks a node that subscreen is called on the right showing the appropriate ALV.

It all works fine in release 640 but the same transaction gives scrollbar problems when run in 731. In 731 the ALV cannot be scrolled all the way right, it only scrolls part way so not all columns are visible. Also in 731 a vertical scroll bar is always displayed even when the AVL only has one line showing.

I have tried the usual like enabling Vertical and Horizontal Resizing on the Container and setting the Min Lines and Min Columns to low values. Exactly like I have in release 640 but nothing works.The ALVs are using cl_gui_alv_grid.

Below are screen shots showing the transaction running in 731 and 640. See the unwanted vertical scroll bar in 731:

Is this a bug in 731 or am I missing something?


untitled.jpg (55.7 kB)