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Jan 09, 2008 at 06:31 AM

Submit statment


hi guys,

I am calling a report program from another report program using

SUBMIT statment

the calling program(1st program) returns 3 statment like

1st table updated

2nd table updated

3rd table updated

the three statements which returns from the 1st program is simply a write statement in the 1st program

when i am using the submit statment like this in the 2nr program

submit '1stprogram' with sel_screen in int_table and return.

it return correctly(3 statements) and stops after the satament.

i also need to do some process aftet the statment and then only i need to print the (3)statement in the 2nd program

i want that 3 statment to be printed in the 2ndprogram..

How can i do this using submit statement?