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Adding DC to transport path in Solman - for SAP PO Adapter module

Nov 02, 2017 at 02:55 PM


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Hi All,

We have an existing SAP PO transport path (Dev -> QA -> Prod) set up in Solman for normal PO objects (ESR, iFlow). Now we have added up NWDI (hosted on Solman) and we are developing our adaptor module in NWDS (after importing the Development Component from NWDI).

We wish to add the transport path for adaptor module (and hence the development component) into Solman existing set up. I understand we would need to change the system properties to include development configuration in PO dev system.

See below screen shot (Entry - 'Activate Deployment Services' - DC).

But we are not able to browse through this screen in STMS in Solman. Any idea how we can reach this screen given PO Dev system is already existing.

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Milen Dontcheff
Nov 03, 2017 at 10:59 AM

I'm not certain, I do correctly understand the impediment you do face.


In case you need to find the "TMS: Configure Non-ABAP System"...

1. Call STMS and select "System Overview"

2. Navigate through SAP System >>> Create >>> Non-ABAP-System

3. The above window will be displayed.


The SLD URL should be the SLD that is configured during the NWDI setup


The "Target Host" URL is the RTS. This should be the same RTS configured in the development configuration in CM Services.

This URL might not be the URL where the CM Services are located!


The problem is something else, please provide more details.

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Former Member

Hi Milen,

We can not create a new Non ABAP system since PO system is already created (and working for normal PO transports). All we need to do is to edit the existing system and add the details for SLD and DC transport option. But the problem is that we are not able to browse through the screen which appears when a system is created for the first time for these options.





Are you able to add the SLD?


Is the same SLD which is in the development configuration on the CM Services?


Has this SLD URL, been assigned with a Name Server role? If yes, is this the only one such SLD with Name Server role. In any SLD system landscape there can be ONLY ONE SLD with Name Server role.


Point 3 is valid only if the Name Server SLD is not this SLD URL and there are no connection between the SLD URL, which you do try to configure, and the SLD which is Name Server.