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Jan 09, 2008 at 06:17 AM

Creation of communication IDOC's from BD12


Hi All,

I am triggering BD12 transaction for few customers.

For some set of customers i am able to create both Master IDOC & Communication IDOC.

Ex: For the customers whose Account Group is : 0001

For other set of customers i am able to create Master IDOC but Communication IDOC i am not able to create.

Ex: For the customers whose Account Group is: ZCRD

Customer in account group ZCRD do not have sales area data maintained, where in there is no information maintained for sales, billing, shipping & Partner functions.

Where as customers in account group 0001 have the sales area data maintained.

This is the functional analysis of both the Account Groups.

Can anybody tell the reason why Communication IDOC's are not created for Account Group-ZCRD customers & For Account Group-0001 communication IDOC's are created!

Can anybody solve this issue!

I have debugged this issue step-by-step for both Account Group's [ZCRD, 0001] related customers, There is no check in code for Account Group-ZCRD so that communication IDOC's does not get created.

Also both Account Group's customers went through same piece of code, Only at in F.M call to MASTERIDOC_CREATE_REQ_DEBMAS

the returned parameter CREATED_COMM_IDOCS is 0 for Account group-ZCRD related customer where as it is 1 for ACcount Group-0001 related customer.

Can anybody resolve this issue so that Communication IDOC's will also be created for Account Group-ZCRD related customers!

Thanks in advance.