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Jan 09, 2008 at 04:57 AM

Import Purchase Order--Very Very Urgent



In the pricing procedure of Import PO, all the neccessary condition types are maintained. I have also given accrual & account key to CVD, Cess,Edu Cess & additional duty.

In PO the net value is picking correctly based on the formula-:

landing charge= 1% on material price

Assesable value= Material price + landing charge

CVD= 16% on Assesable value

Edu Cess= 2 % on CVD

Higher Cess= 1 % on CVD

Total value= Assesable value + CVD + Edu Cess + Higher Cess

Additional duty=4% on Total Value

Final Value= Total value + Additional Duty- 1% landing charge

The net value is the final value which is getting calculated properly.

In GRN i need seperate line items for CVD, Educess,Higher Cess, & Additional Duty.

But i am not getting seperate line items but together the value is coming as Stock-Db & GR/IR clearing-Cr

The above 4 condition types are not statistical

Please suggest what to be done to get seperate line items