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Jan 09, 2008 at 03:35 AM

PP Experts please help (COMAC) - Urgent


Hi All,

I have a serious issue with coll. av. check as the standard SAP transaction COMAC is not helping me carry out av. check at operation level.


Plant Stock for MtlF 3nos, MtlZ 4nos.

Wrk order - 1 for SubAssy-1

Crtd. on. - 25.1.08

Basic st dt. - 15.2.08

Opn 1 -> Execution Dt. 15.2.08 MtlA (2nos), MtlD(2nos)

Opn 2 -> Execution Dt. 12.3.08 MtlF (3nos), MtlZ(4nos)

Wrk order - 2 for SubAssy-2

Crtd. on. - 27.1.08

Basic st dt. - 01.3.08

Opn 1 -> Execution Dt. 01.3.08 MtlX (2nos), MtlR(2nos)

Opn 2 -> Execution Dt. 05.3.08 MtlF (3nos), MtlZ(4nos)

In the above example, when work order-1 is created & released, the av check is ok. But when i create work order-2, release & carry out coll. av. check MtlF & MtlZ is missing even though the need for these mtl's is earlier than that in work order-1. This is because the basic start date of the work order-1 is earlier than that of work order-2. I am unable to carry out the check based on operation execution date, but can only carry it out based on basic start date, which does not help my case.

I hope i have put across my problem clearly. I would like to know how i can overcome this shortcoming & resolve the issue?

Await inputs.