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Former Member
Jan 08, 2008 at 11:47 PM

WorkBook / BEx Analyzer - Excel Functionality - Custom Field Values.


Dear Experts,

I have an issue with the BEx Analyzer / Workbook. The following is the scenario. I have a keyfigure in my query and I have another field in the query which gets value from this keyfigure. for example:

KeyFigure NewField

10 10 (First Value would be the same)

20 10 (KeyFigure 2nd Value - 1st value)

30 10 (KeyFigure 3rd Value - 2nd Value)

30 0 (4th - 3rd)

50 20 (5th - 4rd)... Etc..

I achieved this by including a column on the query by using the excel functionality. (i.e.) insert a column and use a formula. The results are fine.

When i save it in a workbook and then when i open it. The field still shows values. However, when i refresh the workbook, the field is gone.

Any inputs will be much appreciated. Any workaround for getting the values for the field which is not in the cube will be rewarded.


SivaKumar K