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SAP OSA, problem with inheriting

Nov 02, 2017 at 09:25 AM


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Hello all,
i have a problem with the inheriting description from external appraisal element.
I create templates with reference to existing externel elements.

Object '9M' is an own Objekt.

The Objekt has an infotype 1002 (Here called "Verbale Beschreibung").

The intotype 1002 is filled.

In the description i marked inherited, in german it is called 'vererbt'.

But in the web layout it get not the description from the infotype 1002.

It should be "Dies ist ein Test für Vererbung".

Can someone help me.

Kind reguards


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2 Answers

Lucy Lan
Nov 03, 2017 at 01:57 AM

Hello Ingo,

Generally, the logic of retrieving the original description of an object is done in Include LHRHAP_C_UI_ELEMENTSF15 ~ Form F0200_READ_VX_DESCRIPTION.

In the logic here, depending on whether the object is a non-standard object type, the systems retrieves the description from IT1002 subtype 0001 by default for a standard object, and for non-standard object type, by default the system does not attempt to retrieve any description.

Since in your case, the '9M' object type is your own, then it depends on how your T77EO table is maintained. If it is maintained as external object, then by default there will be no action to retrieve the description. If it is maintained as internal object, then the system goes on to retrieve description from IT1002 subtype 0001. But in your case, you maintained the description in subtype 9001.

In general, you can look into the logic in the form F0200_READ_VX_DESCRIPTION, and adjust your settings, or do customizing according to your business requirement.

Best regards.


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Former Member Nov 10, 2017 at 12:01 PM

Hello Lucy,
thank your for your Information.
I check my implementation.
In create in my objext '9M' an IT1002 subtype 0001.
Now it works.

Best reguards

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