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Jan 08, 2008 at 08:33 PM

Item in Transfer Process : Re-submit FM-BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT


SRM Experts,

We are using SRM 5.0 and using classic scenario, so Purchase Order/Purchase Requisitions are created in the backend system.

Some of the SC's gets stuck in item in transfer process, so we applied OSS note-1022756 and 1040878 in our system to re-submit the SC's by executing the FM-BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT. We are passing SC number and Backend Document number in the input parameters of the FM.

It works fine in most of the stuck shopping cart except following scenario.


When we use the Outline agreement with the vendor in the sources of supply field, then SC is converted to Purchase Order in the backend system otherwise it creates Purchase requisition in the backend system.


If SC has multiple line items using the different Outline Agreements in the Sources of supply field, then SC will create different purchase order for each line items of the SC. When these types of SC's are stuck in item in transfer process,

then we re-submit it through FM-BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT.

This FM doesn't have an option to input multiple backend document number, so we pass the one backend document number and SC number which results into creating one Purchase Order for all line items of the SC

which is not correct. It should have created different Purchase Order for each Outline Agreements used in the SC.

And if pass only SC number in the re-submit FM, then we are getting short dump.

Is there anyway Re-submit FM can create multiple PO's for each Outline Agreement used in the SC or is there any other solution to this problem?

This is an urgent problem. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

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