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Former Member
Jan 08, 2008 at 08:14 PM

CAF Application Test error : XMLParser: Bad attribute list. Expected WhiteS


Hi all,

I am using NWDS 2004s SP09 and developing a CAF application. I started with the demo example of sap library (CarPool). I was able to deploy successfully the built project and application. But while i try to test the application, i am getting an error XMLParser: Bad attribute list. Expected WhiteSpace, / or >:(:main:, row:1, col:491)

I have seen in some posts of sdn itself that we need to redeploy SAPEU09_0-10003026.SCA file and it solved the same error for many. But for me its not working. I am not sure what went wrong. I downloaded the file from and deploy the same in the server successfully. But still the same error is seen.

Do any one have more suggestions? And for redeploying is it necesary to undeploy the file before deploying it? And if so, how to know what sda or ear files are to be undeployed? And another thing, while i try to undeploy some files, the system is asking for undeployment of dependent files also. Do any one has any idea what exactly to be done?


Raja Sekhar