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Nov 02, 2017 at 03:54 AM

Cache Buster in SAPUI 7.51


Hi Expert,

I need some help related to cache buster.

Currently in our sap gateway, cache buster is not active so client will need to clear the cache every time there is Fiori apps changes transported to production system to allow the changes being reflected correctly.

Because of this, we plan to activate cache buster in our system but at the same time we also have upgrade activity from SAP_UI 7.4 to SAP_UI 7.51.

One thing I realized after upgrade is that it seems like the cache buster is active because when I monitor the network in the browser, the URL for each application seems like have additional token number such as


Is this the indicator that cache buster already active by default when we upgrade the system?

Is there a way to confirm this?

Thank you,